Our Roots

The Cormier family has a long history, over 170 years, of cooking, producing, and seasoning Creole dishes all throughout Louisiana and Texas.

The Cormier family can trace their roots back to the mid 1840's when Valmar Cormier, the Great Grandfather of Cormier's Finest founder Mark Cormier, was born a slave on a small farm outside Lafayette, Louisiana.  Through Valmar Cormier’s life the family first learns where their deep appreciation and love for Creole cooking and flavor began.

In an interview on July 24, 1937 for The Library of Congress, Valmar shares his experience of picking snails in the woods and fishing for crawfish to make “de gumbo” and also describes a “big iron pot with a iron lid” they would use to cook “in de big fireplace”.

Stories of the Cormier family learning to cook and season their Creole dishes have been passed down with each generation.  As a young curious boy, Mark Cormier remembers watching and helping his parents cook in the family’s kitchen, learning the secrets of Creole spices. He has since mastered many family recipes.  During his early adult years Mark began experimenting with the family spices, eventually perfecting a combination that became his very own “All-In-One” Creole seasoning blend.

True to his Creole culture and charismatic persona, Mark would often cook for his many friends, naturally using his Creole seasoning blend.  At his friends request, he would blend his secret recipe in his home kitchen and gift it for their personal use.  They soon returned for more… and more… and more.

It wasn’t until early 2011 when Mark charmed Crystal with his infamous Creole cooking and she instantly fell in love… and with Mark too! Encouraged by Crystal, now his new bride, family and friends, he and Crystal dreamed of sharing not only Marks’ All-In-One Creole seasoning but also his culture, history, and joy of Creole family cooking.  Together they have embarked on establishing the grass-roots company, Cormier’s Finest.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to pass down the Cormier tradition of cooking with your family and friends with a "Taste of Creole" in every meal!  We are delighted to pass our flavors onto you to enjoy.  We are dedicated to deliver the best product to your family’s table.

Pictured Above: Valmar Cormier, nearly 90 years old, in the Pear Orchard Settlement, in Beaumont, TX. July 24, 1937 (click his picture to read his entire interview with The Library of Congress)